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China the country that runs on two wheels !!

No country in the world where people cycle as much as in China.
One can imagine there are over 10 million bikes in Beijing!
More and more visitors of Beijing find out that it's not only nicer and healthier to cycle, but in most cases also much faster.
Further on the bike is a super-individual way of transport, without becoming less social; a cyclist never has parking problems, and there is no place in Beijing one can not reach by bicycle.
To offer the people visiting Beijing,and other city of China,also the possibility of cycling, we started a bicycle rental service.


Beijing bike rental

Once you discover the freedom, convenience, and fitness benefits of biking to work, you'll wonder why you didn't start riding sooner. Bicycling can be a convenient, dependable, and virtually free mode of transportation. And bicycling burns about 500 calories an hour, so you can commute and stay fit at the same time.

Beijing bike rental


BIKE WEEK was May 15th - 21st

Bike to Work Day was Thursday, May 19th
Bike to School Day was Wednesday, May 18th


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bike rental in beijing



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Bike skills
Take A Dive To crash without hurting yourself, practice falling.  
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